Gift Culture


“Of all the things that human beings make and do for each other, it is the unquantifiable ones that contribute most to human happiness”.

– Charles Eisenstein
What exactly is Gift Culture? Why Gift Culture? Tell me more!
Gift Culture, also known as Gift Economy, is a new (yet ancient) way of sharing that has emerged and become more and more talked about in the past years. A clear sign, besides many others, that the world is undergoing a deep transformation.

The word that often underlines what Back Yet Forward is about – is CONNECTIONS. Connections in many different ways. Connections between who we are today and where we’ve been, understanding why we feel how we feel, why we act like we act, why we think like we think. Due to lack of time or other reasons, we rarely ask ourselves these questions, which makes us, well – live our lives on autopilot. A journey to understanding always starts with questions.

Gift Culture has been revived because people have been starting to ask questions, which ultimately has led us to see the bigger picture. A rising number of people, grown discontent with their lives, the ways of the world and the system that has been set up, have decided to look for other, more fulfilling ways of being and doing for themselves. The thing is, that there is no need to reinvent – we can just look into the past.

People have been coming to the conclusion that our world is in need of a different way, a different  model. A way that would permit to share our knowledge & skills (our gift) with others, without putting a preset “price” to what we are giving out. In our current capitalist economy that we live & work in, and where everything is measured in GDP, it might sound like a crazy idea, going against everything we think we know. When we ask questions, we might realize that everything we have been told and taught about the world – isn’t necessarily the truth.

Throughout my own life I have experienced what one would call “karma” in various different ways.  What I give out – does, always & always – eventually come back to me. In my work and personal life – as these things can’t really be separated. The world loves balance.

I offer consultations in Gift Economy.

I do not have a degree in Nutrition. I am a simple being with a passion for food, nutrition, the psychology of eating, as well as for social change and guiding others on their journey.

I think Back Yet Forward is a perfect platform to try out Gift Culture. Some people might find the guidance they receive empowering and life-changing, others might not yet be ready for it. Or simply, financially speaking – not everyone can afford to spend their dollars on anything more than the basic needs.

As Back Yet Forward explores food, the elixir of life & one of our basic needs, that inherently connects us to the Earth and to all other beings, I simply can’t put a price-tag on it.

Passionate about what I do, I am hoping to offer something for everyone, no matter how far along the journey they are. I am eager to consult anyone who feels “lost” and who would like to start their journey towards loving their food again & connecting the dots.

I do this with more excitement than fear, as I have trust in the Universe & the interconnectedness of all beings. In Gift Culture there is a knowing on the inside that says: my energy, my knowledge, my services – sharing any gift that I might have, will eventually come back to me, one way or another.

Wait. I don’t understand.  How does it work, in the “real world”? 

Step I – Get in touch

If you feel “lost in nutrition”, if you’d like to get some of your food-questions answered, make some changes & learn more about your food & the bigger picture, contact me to schedule a consultation.

Step II – Receive the gift (in my case, a consultation – one, two, or many more)

Once you’ve got in touch & told me a little bit about yourself, your relationship with food, your likes and dislikes, your struggles and questions, we will set up our first meeting. Either via Skype, phone-call, email, or in person – whichever fits your needs.

The number of consultations depends on you – we might schedule weekly talks, emails, or meetings.

Step III – Giving back

I trust you to give back whatever you think is a fair value for what you’ve learned or received.

You can reflect on how much did this gift give you, if you learned something valuable that you feel enhances your life & if that makes you WANT to make a contribution of any kind.

Maybe it is a type of skills that you have, a service that you provide or maybe a monetary gift.

In the end, what is important is – both of us feel satisfied and happy.

It all starts with me genuinely doing my very best to give you the best gift I possibly can.

Step IV – Bringing Gift Culture into your day-to-day life

Now, think about how you feel. (Good, I hope!). Whenever you receive a “gift” of any sort, make time to be grateful for it, and either pay it back or forward, in one way or another.

(Remember that gifts come in many shapes and forms).

I invite to being part of this new yet old way of exchanging gifts.
Try it out and see how it resonates with you.

I am very much looking forward to getting to know you!

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