About me

My name is Marii. A traveler in the spirit, an “empath” in the heart. A thinker, a dreamer, a visionary, looking for innovation everywhere I go.

The common theme in everything I have so far done in life is – connections. Connections with people, connections between what was & what is, connections between the cause & the cure.

For as long as I can remember, I have always found myself being drawn to topics of early childhood, particularly what comes to the ways how our environment and our experiences as a young child shape us into who we are. I truly enjoy going “back” to find a solution, the answer to the “why’s?” and “how’s?”.

Sometimes getting to the answer is simple, sometimes it is painful – but it is always worthwhile.

Food has been another central piece in my life. Probably because of my own early childhood experience, where lack of food was an issue (among other lacks). I started making connections between how we see food (the emotional aspect of food), what we eat (the nutritional, societal and environmental aspects of food) & our overall quality of life. It was during my years in south of France that I started putting the puzzle-pieces together.

In the recent years I have started asking more & more questions about sustainability and resilience. We often hear that our current food-system is unsustainable. What that really means is that is not going to survive. It is crucial that we start building new systems until they become strong enough, and until the old ones become obsolete.

It is not just food & farming. The same collapse & rebuild needs to happen in many other aspects of our society.

Our society – our food system 

“If you don’t have a moral question governing your society, then you don’t have a society that is going to survive.”  Oren Lyons
Our unsustainable food system is the direct outcome of our distorted view of how the world works.

This erroneous view says that we can have infinite growth on a finite planet.  It is not only our food system that needs rethinking – our society in general, and ourselves – are in need of healing.

It is easy to feel powerless as many of the big issues of our time seem completely out of our control.

But they are really not. We, the consumers in a capitalist economy have an immense power in our hands, as we are the ones voting with our dollar every single day. The things we buy and also the things we don’t buy (yes, we need to simplify) send out powerful signals and can have a tremendous affect. The things we support in word & action, the people we stand up for. The injustice we turn a blind eye for and the justice that we demand.

My aim with Back Yet Forward is, besides simply aiming to educate people to become more involved and interested in our food – is to encourage people WITH a moral question to become actively involved in whichever way is in our capacities.

I have decided to start with something that I feel I can do : teaching people the very basics of what is real food and what is their counterpart, food-like products (or highly processed foods). Sharing my ideas with the world, connecting with others.


I am not a nutritionist, nor a doctor. I am sharing my own experience, guiding you on your own journey. I may not have all the answers for you, but the road to these answers starts with asking questions.

The website and the consultations offered are for informational purposes only and they are not intended to be used as substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

If you need a specialist, try to find a holistic one if possible. A specialist who takes time to see the whole & to go to the root of the problem, instead of treating a symptom.

Someone who truly listens, someone who truly cares.

Otherwise – get in touch and let me show you how YOU can be “the change you wish to see in the world”.