“It seems as though our eating tends to grow more tortured as our culture’s power to manage our relationship to food weakens” 

– Michael Pollan, “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”

Why food education consultations? 

We are alive at an unbelievable era of technology & quick-fixes, just one click away from anything we want to know. It truly is the era of instant gratification. There is a lot of good and valid information out there, but the problem is – there is also a lot of white noise. Not everybody has time to understand the nutritional lingo  and distinguish between what’s valid and what’s not. And from my own experience I can say that – it is easy to get lost. “Lost in nutrition”.
The food landscape here in the United States is straight confusing. With its plethora of labels and claims, along with the dietary guidelines that are reformulated every  5 years – people do not know the right information from wrong. The reality is that mainstream media messages & newspaper headlines have overcomplicated an area of life that should be simple & pleasurable.

But good news is – it does not have to be all that hard. We just need to go “BACK”.

We are all different & as in many other areas of our lives – there is no “one-size-fits-all” in food. However, there are some fundamental & simple things which are easy to put in practice, that will transform the way how you see food. And it all starts with rethinking food.  Once you have understood some of the most important fool-proof principles, integrating healthy and well-balanced eating will become a breeze. You can gradually make the changes needed to bring about a happier, healthier & more conscious you. It takes some initial knowledge and understanding – but from there – you will be independently capable of living the rest of your life loving your food – and loving yourself.

Why Gift Culture?

Back Yet forward aims to educate and raise awareness around food, health & sustainability.
Given my passion around these topics and the importance these topics have in people’s lives, I would love to reach out to anyone who takes interest in food & wishes to learn how our food choices and consumption patterns in general affect our health and the bigger picture.

I offer food consultations in the spirit of an old economical model – Gift Culture (or Gift Economy).

An economy based on giving, rather than profit. In the past years I have sparked an interest in food-related topics among my friends and family. It has given me great joy to see them making more conscious & premeditated choices as consumers, as well as taking more pleasure out of food & their life in general. I have decided to follow my heart and continue giving the gifts that I have, bringing it out of the circle of friends & family.

My objective with Back Yet Forward is to GIVE & SHARE. Therefore, the consultations have no preset price. What I share is a gift for you & it is up to you to tap into your own consciousness & decide your level of gratitude towards it. A gift that comes from the heart will generally spark a light in the receiver’s heart. Maybe this light makes you wish to “give back” but maybe – “pay forward”, to someone else. It can possibly even make you reflect on your own gifts. “What do I have to give?” – you may ask.
When you reach out and start “working” with me – we enter a relationship. A relationship that is based on trust. Trust in each other and trust in the Universe. It all starts with mutual interest and respect. I will give you the best gift I am able to give, answer your questions, advise and guide you. 

Sometimes, you might be able to offer me a service in exchange that I might be in need of. Sometimes it can be a monetary gift (as we still do live in a monetary society). In some cases a genuine “thank you” and acknowledgement that I was able to help someone along their journey – will be more than enough. In other cases, going out into the world, into your own family and community and passing on the knowledge received – can be the most precious of all gifts. Not to mention the gift of trust and connections – something that definitely has no price tag. 

Consultations…for who…? And why?

When you get in touch you will join me for a conversation about food – how we “see” food & what food means to us.  Let’s turn around the concept of “less calories = healthier meal”.

Are you tired of a society that is continuously promoting food fear and paranoia?
You can’t keep up with latest rules and the never-ending head-lines of whether being paleo, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, macrobiotic or what not is the “next best thing”?

You are confused about what “to eat” and what “not to eat”?
Ever wondered what do all the different labels mean in our current food system?

Let’s clear up some of this confusion, understand the concept of “one-ingredient-foods, learn how to read & understand food labels. And most of all – let’s befriend our food. It deserves it. You deserve it.

The bigger picture
The only way to truly take back your right to a healthy life is to inform yourself about how our current food system works, how our food arrives from the field to our plates, how do the food-products get to our supermarkets & then to your table. The first step in taking back the control over this part of your life is to understand what are nutrient-dense, wholesome, real foods and what are their counterparts – processed foods, or what I call “food-like-products”. Depending on your interest, we can touch subjects such as industrial farming vs. sustainable farming, conventional/organic/local, talk about what exactly are genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) & how they affect our ecosystem.

When we turn back to traditional foods, eating becomes what it has always been: a pure pleasure, a gift. Precious moments to share with your friends & family.

I can help you get down to those basics, understand the why’s & how’s & what’s, help you navigate the supermarket, understand labels & claims and support you on your way to loving yourself and your food again, one step at a time. Back Yet Forward aims to restore our connection to our food, to the soil & to hands that feeds us and ultimately – to our inner selves.

Get in touch if you would like to :

– have shopping guidance and product guidance
– understand the “real food” vs. “food-like-products” concept

– learn, how breaking foods down to “one-ingredient-foods” can simplify life

– help with making a gradual shift towards those “one-ingredient-foods”

– learn more about where our food comes from & how it’s grown
– clean your kitchen from products and ingredients that don’t serve you
– navigate the supermarket, decipher labels, understand health-claims & what they entail

– find local foods in your area, make the best choices in your nearby grocery-store
– talk about anything food-related that you might want some information on
– start eating more locally & sustainably

– ultimately, understand the connection between our life and the world we live in

– live a more connected life

​In the process of becoming educated about our food, cleaning out your kitchen of the things that don’t deserve you & starting anew, you are opening doors to the new you and to the new world, that our hearts know is possible.​

I offer my consultations in Gift Culture.

Interested and wish to schedule a consultation?

In your first email, please tell me a little bit about yourself and your relation to food.

How often do you cook at home, what are your meals like, your likes and dislikes & what would you like to get guidance on.

Very much looking forward to hear from you!