And so the raindrops created the flood – the Story of Change

Welcome to Back Yet Forward – the Blog.
What can you expect from this blog? There is a vast array of topics that I am interested in & wish to talk about. My passion goes into many different fields, from psychology and understanding human behavior to our current unsustainable food-system and economic model.

Humanity, as I see it, particularly the Western society, is currently struggling with many complex issues – they all intertwine with one-another, one way or another.

Whatever the subject I am writing about, I often tend to think from a problem-solution perspective. Identifying the problem, trying to get to the roots of the problem and come up with possible solutions.

Writing for me is a way of getting my thoughts and ideas out, and hopefully, clarifying some of them along the way. Having always been an inquisitive soul, I tend to ask a lot of questions. Questions that I might not have the answers to, but as it is the process of thinking that I enjoy, it is satisfying nevertheless.

Among others, these are some of the major questions I am asking myself:
How does change happen in the world?
How does change happen in our own life?
What are the perfect conditions for creating the momentum?

Change is often challenging, change is scary. Even if we see, know and feel that a change is well-needed, we often stay in a state of complacency, almost as if nothing was wrong.
Why? Because there is a certain comfort in the “same”. There is ease in the routine. On a personal level, it might be a relationship that doesn’t work for us, a career that doesn’t make us tick, or on a more personal level – a change that feels would be good for us, but yet somehow we keep burying the head in the sand.

Despite this state of complacency,  there are things and issues that demand our urgent attention, things that simply can’t wait… For example – today is World Environment Day. But – what does that really mean? For most of us – it means people sharing quotes, videos and photos on Twitter and on Facebook, about climate change, about destruction of our environment, calling us for action. But who is “us”? Governments? NGO’s? United Nations? Food Industry? Businesses? Farmers? Or is it us – the individuals, the people?

We’ve all heard the saying:
“Be the change you wish to see in the world”.
But, what does this really mean? What does it really entail?

To get to the answer – we need to go back. Back to our “beginning”. Before we ever got taught, before we ever got hurt, before we ever got conditioned. We have to peel off the layers, no matter how much it hurts. We need to go back to the root of things.

Do you remember when as a child, nothing seemed impossible, nothing seemed out of your reach?
You were not afraid, instead – you were courageous & sincere? You dreamed BIG?
Years went by & as you got older, the inner voice got weaker & weaker. And for many of us – the voice became mute. We lost our inner child and got molded into an “adult”.

But I still remember…

For way too long, we have been told a story. The story surrounds us, it is on constant repeat, and it is hard not to listen. This story says that we are just small particles on this big planet Earth, that our actions have no real effect on the world around us and that we are powerless. But… This is not true. That story needs to change. There is no turning back.

So, what is this story that we have been told, the story upon which all of our other stories are built? It is the story that neglects the interconnectedness of all things in Universe.

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe”.   –  John Muir

Do you feel the connection? I do. I always have. And I believe, that you can, too. Go outside. Away from the traffic. Away from people. Away from noise. And even if you are in the midst of chaos and noise – put it on mute. Sit still. It is just you and your breath. Close your eyes. Your conscious will take you to a journey to your core. To who YOU really are. To who WE really are. You will feel the connection.

Our world is in need of a change. But in order for “the world to change”, the underlying story needs to change. Changing this story demands us to question the current system, to question what we’ve been told, to question what we think we know.
When we ask relevant questions, when we dig deeper – we will undergo a transformation. Our transformation will translate into the transformation of the World around us. This transformation process has started, but it is not yet powerful enough. As raindrops create the flood, so do our individual actions create the World we live in.

Why do I say that? Isn’t change something that happens “way up there”, in the governing bodies of different countries, in the places of power and wealth? Isn’t it up to those people and entities to “make the change”, “the progress”, “the improvements” (whatever the change may be), as after-all, it is all of it for the better of us, “the people”?
We might think that once “they” will make a change, then well, we will just follow.

This mindset is still part of our current story. The story that is not based on truth. What is truth? Well, when we look back and take a look at how change has happened in the past, we can see that wide-scale movements in the society do not start “at the top”, per say, they start “at the bottom”.

We are all individuals (from latin “in-dividuus”), indivisible beings. But the funny thing with the word “individual” is, that even the root of the word hints to this very something what we have forgotten. In-dividuus means – in-separable. And even if we all evidently are different, living currently in this physical body of ours with our individual composition of mind-body-soul, we are also eternally inter-connected, in-separable. We are ONE.

Hereby, I invite you on a journey with me. The journey that takes us back in time, but also, that takes us deeper within. The aim of this journey is to reconnect. Reconnect to our inner selves, to the people and all the other living beings, to the Earth and to the Universe that we are all eternally part of and in-separate of. I believe that each and every one of you is a powerful individual. More powerful than you might ever have been told or what you might believe. Going on this journey back and within will give you tools you need to realize your full potential in this life, bringing about the world that you dreamed of when you were a child.

I founded Back Yet Forward with the intention to get us all a little bit closer to restoring the vital connections to be able to see the bigger picture.

Often in my life I have encountered the attitude that one person can not “change the world” and that our individual actions are too small to make any real difference. Somehow, this idea just doesn’t resonate with me. Inside of me there is this little girl who knows that even little acts of kindness and love, or conscious everyday choices, have an influence on the world. May it be directly affecting the lives of the people around us, or indirectly in ways that we can not quite grasp.

In the recent years, people have been becoming more and more active in gaining political voice. There are many grass-roots movements out there tackling the big issues of climate change and crisis, trying to positively affect the decisions of governments & corporations. Whereas these ways of activism are all necessary and even crucial, I believe that real change starts from the very roots itself. Us. Individuals. Our individual daily thoughts & actions.

We do have a voice and we make ourselves heard with the choices we make. With those everyday choices (my choices, your choices), we send out a powerful message about what we believe in, we show what is it that we want more – creating the world that we live in, pushing it either to one direction or another.

Individually, our voices may appear weak, but together they are strong. So strong, that they can no longer be silenced.

“Individually We Are One Drop. Together, We Are an Ocean”.  –  Ryunosuke Satoro